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Experienced Biometric Systems Operator

Dianne, the owner of Digital Impressions, was trained by the Department of Defense & United States Special Forces at Camp Dawson, West Virginia. She deployed to Iraq and performed Biometrics with the U.S. Air Force's Military Police in Badging/Access Control at Joint Base Balad, Iraq and with the U.S. Army's Military Police at Camp Prosperity, Baghdad, Iraq 2009-2011. Dianne also served as an Assistant Station Manager at Joint Base Balad, Iraq with the American Red Cross SAF (Service to the Armed Forces) as a Department of Army Civilian delivering emergency messages and working as a Military Social Worker 2008-2009. Other fingerprinting experience includes performing FBI background checks during Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant's outage and for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles as the "Santa Barbara Region" Mobile Live Scan Operator.





Digital Impressions is an authorized PSP (Private Service Provider) with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) & an approved Live Scan fingerprinting service provider in California.
What to bring to your Live Scan Appointment
Three copies of your request for Live Scan form
Acceptable Primary forms of photo identifcation include any of the following:
  • California Driver's License
  • Department of Motor Vehicles Identification Card
  • Out-of-State Driver's License
In the absence of a primary form of identification, a Live Scan Operator may accept one of more of the following as Secondary forms of Identification, but only with the supplemental documents noted below:
  • State Government Issued Certificate of Birth
  • U.S. Active Duty/Retiree/Reservist Military ID Card (000 10-2)
  • U.S. Passport
  • Federal Government Personal Identity Verification Card (PIV)
  • Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC Card)
  • U.S. Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs ID Card
  • Social Security Card
  • Court Order for Name Change/Gender Change/Adoption/Divorce
  • Marriage Certificate (Government Certificate Issued)
  • U.S. Government Issued Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  • Foreign Passport with Appropriate Immigration Document(s)
  • Certificate of Citizenship (N560)
  • Certificate of Naturalization (N550)
  • INS I-551 Resident Alien Card Ussued Since 1997
  • INS I-688 Temporary Resident ID Card
  • INS I-688B, I-766 Employment Authorization Card
Providing one form of secondary identification must be supported by
at least two of the following supplemental documents:
  • Utility Bill (Address)
  • Jurisdictional Voter Registration Card
  • Vehicle Registration Card / Title
  • Paycheck Stub with Name / Address
  • Jurisdictional Public Assistance Card
  • Spouse / Parent Affidavit
  • Cancelled Check or Bank Statement
  • Mortgage Documents

What is Live Scan?


Live scan is the capture of a digital impression on an electronic fingerprint scanner. The scanned fingerpints are electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice for a criminal record background check. Live Scan Fingerprinting technology replaces the process of recording inked fingerprints on paper. Digital Impressions transmits the fingerprints electronically to the Department of Justice in seconds. The Department of Justice forwards the fingerprints to the FBI (if required). For your convenience, we offer both Live Scan and the traditional FBI FD-258 Hard Card ink fingerprinting services.



There are two categories of fees for Live Scan; Digital Impression's "Rolling Fee" & "Government Fees." Our "Rolling Fee" for Live Scan is $25.00. The Rolling Fee for after hours or Saturday/Sunday is $35. There is a typical DOJ fee of $32.00, and if required, a typical FBI fee of $17.00. The fee for processing a Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) ranges between $13.00 to $25.00. Gun Permit fees typically range between 17.00 to $40.00.


The Government fees are dependent upon two things: the level (type) of service and the requesting agency. We cannot quote the cost until we review the form in person. Other fees may apply if mandated by your requesting agency. The Billing Number does not include our rolling fee, you will still be responsible unless prior arrangements have been made with our office to bill for the rolling fee. 


*We accept Debit, Credit, Cash, Checks, Money Orders & Billing Accounts.